Rogers Phone Finder Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions govern your use of the Rogers Phone Finder service and location based features described in these terms (collectively the "Service") provided to you by or on behalf of Rogers Communications Partnership ("us", "we", "our" and "Rogers"). They supplement and are incorporated into the Rogers Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy previously provided to you and found at, and form part of our agreement with you. These terms and conditions, together with the Rogers Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy, constitute the entire agreement between you and us with respect to your use of the Service. Unless otherwise defined herein, capitalized terms have the meaning given to them in the Rogers Terms of Service. Use of the Service(s) may require compatible devices and internet access.

1.        Service Registration, Account, and Password

To use the Service, you will be required to register. As part of the registration process, you will select a user name and a password and provide certain information. You agree that the information you supply during that registration process will be accurate and complete and that you will not register under the name of, nor attempt to use the Service under the name of, another person. You agree to promptly update such information as necessary to ensure that it is kept accurate and complete. We may reject or terminate any user name that we, in our judgment, deem unacceptable. You will be responsible for preserving the confidentiality of your password and will notify us immediately of any known or suspected unauthorized use of your account and agree to take such reasonable steps as are necessary to prevent any reoccurrence of such event. If at any time you have forgotten both your user name and password and we are otherwise unable to verify your identity, then we may take any action that we deem appropriate. You may be held liable for any loss or damage incurred by Rogers or others due to another party using your account or password.

2.        Location Disclosure and Privacy

You acknowledge and agree that information concerning the location of your device(s) may be disclosed to others as part of the Service and you further agree to notify any user(s) of your device(s) about this disclosure of location information. Periodic reminders may be sent to registered devices from time to time reminding the user that the device may be located.

You expressly agree that you have no expectation of privacy when using the Service as it relates to your location. You authorize Rogers and any third party that provides the Service to you on our behalf to collect, use, and disclose geographic location and other personal information (including your name, address, telephone number, account number, equipment identifiers, and Internet Protocol addresses) necessary to enable delivery of the Service. All personal information collected from you will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy available at Your location information will be stored only as long as necessary to provide the Service.

3.        Rogers Phone Finder

The Rogers Phone Finder service is a wireless device location Service. The Rogers Phone Finder service is intended for your personal use only.

You agree to only initialize Rogers Phone Finder for devices included on your account used by individuals for whom there is a reasonable expectation of being part of this service (for example, family members). When you initialize this service for a device included on your account, you will be sent a notification via text message that the device may be located. This notification must be accepted for the use of the Rogers Phone Finder service.

(a)      Limitation of the Service

The Rogers Phone Finder service is a network-based service and does not provide GPS accuracy. A network-based service uses Rogers cellular towers to locate the proximity of the device. In order for this service to work, the wireless device must be turned on. Accuracy of the location information obtained via this service may be affected by various factors, including, without limitation, system availability and capacity, network congestion, the device to be located, signal strength, topography and environmental conditions. The results you may obtain from this service, including, without limitation, maps and requested locations, may not be accurate, timely or reliable. You cannot utilize this service to locate devices that are not within the Rogers wireless network coverage area.

(b)      Lookups/Charges

You will receive five (5) free Rogers Phone Finder lookups per calendar month. Your five (5) free lookups will refresh the 1st day of each calendar month. Each additional lookup will be charged at a rate of $0.20 (plus applicable taxes). Charges will be applied to your Rogers invoice.

If applicable, add-ons for additional Rogers Phone Finder lookups may be available to you from time to time on a subscription basis for a monthly recurring service fee and will be charged to your Rogers invoice.

4.        Find My Family Feature (if applicable)

The Find My Family feature enables you to locate another Rogers Phone Finder user who has given permission to locate them ("User"). It also allows you to define a geographical zone and receive notification alerts if the User is not within the zone at a specified time. Alerts include a URL to a map of the approximate location of the User you are monitoring.

(a)      Limitation of the Service

Alerts are sent at the best available time pending traffic and network capacity.

(b)      Charges

This feature may be available to you from time to time on a subscription basis over a period of time for a monthly recurring service fee and will be charged to your Rogers invoice.